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Operating under our Biopharm Division and Neuromodulation Division, Vivani develops, manufactures, and markets therapies that target chronic conditions with high unmet medical needs. 

Our Biopharm Division develops novel, miniature drug implants by leveraging our proprietary NanoPortalâ„¢ implant technology for delivering medication steadily over extended periods of time. Our differentiated, drug implant candidates have the potential to ensure patients consistently receive the right dose while potentially avoiding safety concerns that may be associated with fluctuating delivery. 

Our Neuromodulation Division seeks to identify and assess strategic options for advancing prosthetic eye implant candidates. Our primary focus is developing Orion II – a Visual Cortical Prosthesis System created to bring artificial vision to individuals who  are blind due to a wide range of causes.

Industry Classifications



Medical Devices & Instruments

Pharmaceutical Preparations (325412); Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing (339112)

Pharmaceutical Preparations (2834); Orthopedic, Prosthetic, And Surgical Appliances And Supplies (3842)

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Vivani Medical, Inc.
5858 Horton Street #280
Emeryville, CA 94608
United States
T: 818-833-5000