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Vivani Medical is an emerging biopharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of miniature, long-term, subdermal, drug implants with its proprietary NanoPortal™ technology.

Vivani’s lead assets, NPM-119 and NPM-115, are miniature, six-month, GLP-1 (exenatide) implants under development for type 2 diabetes and obesity, respectively. NPM-119 and NPM-115 are designed to optimize GLP-1 therapy by addressing two main challenges in achieving the full potential benefits of this therapy, medication non-adherence and tolerability. 

About Cortigent

Cortigent is a subsidiary of Vivani developing targeted neurostimulation systems to help patients recover critical body functions and regain control of their lives. Their technology is at the forefront of the machine-to-human interface and combines innovative neuroscience with proprietary microelectronics, software, and data processing capabilities to provide artificial vision and potentially restore muscle movement during stroke rehabilitation. Cortigent is advancing the pioneering work of legacy company Second Sight Medical product whose revolutionary product, the Argus II® Retinal Prosthesis System, is the world’s first and only device authorized by FDA to provided artificial vision to profoundly blind people. For more information visit

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Vivani Medical, Inc.
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